Person Centered Enrollment- our new sales system

Christin Baker

The summer has always been a time when work can get a little crazy.  The family schedule is in flux because shool is out.  Outdoor pools are open and at capacity.  Resident and day camps are full of excited campers.  So much is happening over the summer that it can be easy to push aside the thought of a membership campaign so let us plant the seed of a new Membership Sales and Enrollment System.  Let me share a little about this new enrollment (sales) system.

Person Centered Enrollment takes your sales system from chance to confidence

You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression. Make it count from the first inquiry through the first 90 days.

Person Centered means that each prospective member who calls, stops by and visits your website should experience a personalized enrollment process. Guide more people from an inquiry to a trained enrollment specialist, who can tailor the conversation to a prospective member’s needs.

Proven Enrollment (Sales) Techniques mean using best in class sales and enrollment techniques, this model prepares your staff to welcome more leads, guide the enrollment conversation, overcome objections, close the sale and connect throughout the first 90 days of a new member’s journey.

It is critical to set up a sustainable system for implementation.  This is more than a training, the consultation program helps you put into place and keep in place a membership enrollment and service system with tools and resources to support front line staff, their supervisors and management. 

If you want to know more about Person Centered Enrollment schedul an introductory call by e-mailing or