T2 in Egypt

Lori Swann

In May of 2017 T2 had the opportunity to participate in the YMCA and Y's Men International Youth Forum in Egypt.  It was an amazing opportunity to see a part of the world most of us have been seeing pictures from since we were in elementary school.  From sailing on the Nile, to visiting the Valley of the Kings, to standing in front of the Pyramids, the experience was almost surreal!  But just as impressive was the work we witnessed in the YMCA's in Cairo, Minya and Alexandria.  I love working with an organization that is making a difference in local communities around the world.

We witnessed the Y providing safe places for youth and adults in the bustling city of Cairo.  We met impressive teenagers at the Y in Alexandria that were learning leadership skills.  We played basketball and bumper ball with kids -- kids that were just as competitive and fun-loving as any you would find at a Y in the US.

In Alexandria, we also visited a partnership with Caritas that is sheltering street children.  I loved these children so much -- they were so happy and proud to show us their work and especially their rooftop garden where they were growing their own food.

I hope you get the opportunity to see the world -- and if you do, stop and visit YMCAs in those foreign lands.  You'll be blessed by seeing how people are growing in spirit, mind and body through the work of the Y, regardless of where they are.

Stay tuned for a another great international opportunity with T2 and the World YMCA in 2018!