Transactional & Transformational Success Measures

Wes Bender

Simple, Sustainable Success Measures (NPS & LIS)

When a non-profit gets serious about measuring their success, two things often happen:

  1. the list of what the leadership wants to measure is exhaustive and nearly impossible to implement
  2. the cost associated with developing a measurement tool is astronomical

After many projects developing and implementing outcome based measurement tools for non-profits, we discovered a simple, easy, sustainable way to measure both the transactional and transformational.  Mind you, this is a starting point from which a non-profit can build a baseline and benchmark its up and to the right growth over time.  It is easy to implement into the rhythm and culture of your non-profit no matter how large or small.

The significance of these measurement tools is that they are focused on the experience of those on the receiving end of your mission.  Let me say that again in a different way.  Significant life impact cannot be measured by what you think or desire your consumers to receive.  Significant life impact must be measured by the feeling your consumers have toward the organization.

transactional experience:  Net Promoter Score®

When we talk about operational effectiveness, we are not talking about whether you are meeting your quarterly forecast - yes, that's important.  We are talking about how individuals feel about transactions with your organization.  When they go back to their normal routine and interact with their circle of influence, are they going to recommend the transaction to others?

transformational experience:  Life Impact Score®

When an individual will recommend you to a friend, it's usually because your facilities are clean or the staff was friendly - a short-lived experience that's only as good as their next encounter.  But when you ask a question like "what kind of impact did it have on your life or the life of your child," the conversation turns to more genuine, long-term change.

Triangle2 solutions utilizes Net Promoter Score® and created Life Impact Score® to give non-profits a simple way to benchmark true success.

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