Welcome Kathy Kuras and Christin Baker


We are excited to welcome Kathy Kuras and Christin Baker to Triangle2. Kathy and Christin come to us with a rich history of developing innovative solutions and serving YMCAs across the movement.

Kathy has served in the Dallas and Charlotte YMCA Associations and most recently, at Y-USA. Kathy pioneered the first enterprise-wide leadership competency model for the YMCA, Cause-Driven Leadership®. She led and evolved the first shared culture strategy, Living Our Cause, which has been adopted internationally. She redesigned the YMCA's signature program, Principles and Practices, serving over 1000 Y leaders each year and designed a bridge program for CEOs and senior leaders entering the Y from other organizations. She partnered with colleges and universities on a variety of initiatives including a multi-year masters level project with Northwestern University to improve storytelling and fundraising efforts. She created the first YMCA national video production and internal social media strategy to modernize learning and engagement among volunteers and staff.  Read more about Kathy here.

Christin returns to Triangle 2 after a short stint at Daxko as the Engage Adoption Specialist.  Prior to this work Christin served, for five years, as the National Specialist for Arts and Humanities for the YMCA of the USA.  In this role she oversaw and supported a network of more than 1,700 YMCAs engaged in arts and humanities programs. Christin joined YMCA of the USA in 2004 in the Financial Development Office. As the National Financial Development Manager, she secured and managed key corporate partnerships to advance YMCA programs.  She worked with companies such as The Disney Channel, the Tylenol brand, Reader’s Digest and USA Swimming. She was often tapped to lead creative projects, producing numerous videos and video series to engage staff and volunteers across the organization. Read more about Christin here.

Together, Christin and Kathy will launch new offerings for membership and innovation as well as leadership development solutions. This fall, they are launching a new enrollment (sales) model designed for YMCAs and other nonprofits, followed by a customer service model in 2018. The new models are designed to improve your systems for enrolling, serving and building realtionships with members. During the month of July, we are registering organizations for the first launch of the enrollment (sales) model, Person Centered Enrollment. Based on proven enrollment (sales) techniques while focusing on prospective members' goals and needs, the consulting program guides you through putting a strong system in place and keeping it going.  If you are interested in learning more about how your Y might participatelet us know by completing the online form on our website or contacting Christin or Kathy directly. 



Christin Baker | christin@Triangle2.com

Kathy Kuras | kathy@Triangle2.com