Do well, while doing good.

You want to make a difference. So do we. Since the year 2000, Triangle2 has provided solutions for charitable and not-for-profit organizations that are working to fulfill their mission in their local communities.

Over the years, we've learned organizations that make a significant impact are interested in both their operational effectiveness and life transformation. They are focused on the relentless pursuit of results to advance their mission and ultimately, to improve more lives.

With this in mind, we provide leading-edge solutions to help you:

  • Plan for today and tomorrow

  • Grow your organization and expand your reach

  • Improve the experience of your staff, volunteers and members

  • Increase your philanthropic support and capacity

  • Develop exemplary staff and board leadership

  • Introduce and scale new ideas

Why? What if? and How?

There was a time when a small group of passionate, mission-driven individuals was all it took to lead and advance a charitable organization. Support for the mission was provided by dedicated volunteers, generous donors and community members who rallied around an organization "for the good of the cause." But today, things are different and are rapidly changing. It takes more than passion, good intentions and even a consistent record of demonstrating impact, to successfully lead and manage an organization in the social sector.

As organizations began to face economic unrest, increased competition for resources, stretched capacity, and leadership transitions, new solutions were needed to meet the rapidly changing nonprofit environment. Many nonprofits hadn't experienced formal visioning and strategic planning and market research lacked the sophistication found among for-profit peers.

That's where our story begins. In 2000, Tom Massey and four friends started Triangle2 to provide an integrated approach to solving the business needs of the social sector. You see, what was needed at the time was harmony between mission and business, solutions to strengthen strategy and operations.

Our focus has always been, and will always be, to provide what is needed for each individual client. We have the creativity and flexibility to address an array of opportunities and challenges that are unique to your organization. At the same time, through collective action, we have played a signifant role in introducing and spreading new solutions to a broader audience such as 4-Point Strategic Planning and the Net-promoter Methodology.

Triangle2 team members have over 100 years combined experience in not-for-profit strategy and operations. We've been supporting YMCAs, churches, other charitable organizations and nonprofits in advancing their mission for over 17 years. And yet, we often feel that we're just getting started because there is still so much more to do.

We consider ourselves social innovators - always questioning the status quo, experimenting and testing ideas - so that we can discover and deliver new solutions that help you to make a difference. We are continually asking: Why? What if? and How?

Why are we doing things this way?
What if we tried something different?
How might we make this work?

We are fueled by the opportunity to contribute, in big and small ways, to making a significant impact in people's lives.

And, we love what we do.