Tom Massey



Tom Massey uses his 20 years leading nonprofit organizations and 18 years consulting to develop solutions that make measurable, significant impact in people’s lives and transforms communities.  His passion is to ensure every dollar contributed to an organization produces the results promised in their mission statement and strategic plan.

 Tom’s Four Point Planning process has helped hundreds of organizations use primary research to develop strategies that ensure their mission and programs are relevant to their market for the future.  Tom has worked with local, national, and international YMCAs, churches, health organizations, schools, sports organizations, museums, associations, and other charities.

 In 2000 Tom and four friends started Triangle2 to provide integrated professional services for the social sector.  Prior to that he was the Head of Program Services and Senior Consultant for the YMCA of the USA.  Tom began his career in YMCA leadership positions (CEO, COO, Branch Executive) in Miami, Orlando, and Warren, Arkansas. 

 Tom was the author of YMCA Character Development, co-author of YMCA Program Strategies, and editor on 6 other books.  He developed Just Make Your Mark, an online application to help people discover how they can help others.  Tom was a member of the USA Today Baby Boomer Panel and YMCA representative to the United States Olympic Committee. He has BS and MS degrees from Henderson State University and ABD from the University of Southern Mississippi. 

 Tom splits time between Cocoa Beach, Florida and New York City – but gets to Arkansas as much as possible to enjoy sports with his 3 grandsons.